2018 Para Unity International Conference


MEET LARRY LAWSON - Head of  Para Unity International and Chairman of the 2018 Para Unity International Conference

In over 36 years in law enforcement, I Have learned a few things. The most important is the proper gathering and preservation of evidence is vital to putting the "Bad Guy" behind bars. It’s no different in the world of paranormal investigation.  Whether it is the search for the afterlife, cryptozoology, extraterrestrials and UFO's, how we gather the evidence of their existence, preserve that evidence and present it to a court of our peers will make the ultimate difference in proving the existence of worlds and entities that are beyond our imagination. Join me on a journey that seeks to prove, with undisputable evidence, what man has struggled to believe for centuries. Join me, Larry Lawson, host of PARANORMAL STAKEOUT coming to The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network.

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In 2011 our group of educators and law enforcement professionals came together with a common interest, to investigate claims of the paranormal and search for the answers that have plagued mankind for centuries—Is there life after death?

To express our desire to conduct our investigations in the professional vein of a criminal investigation we adopted a name that reflected this goal; The Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation also known as FBPI.

To accomplish this goal, members of the FBPI use the tried and true methods employed by both the law enforcement and the professional paranormal community to substantiate claims of the paranormal. It is our desire, not only to collect and evaluate evidence we uncover without emotion or preconceived opinions, but to prepare a case as if we were taking it to trial. It is with this desire for the truth that allows the FBPI to conduct investigations with the clear goal of seeking the truth, regardless of where it takes us.

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MEET ROB McCONNELL, "MR. X" - Director of Communications and Media Relations for Para Unity International and 2018 Para Unity International Conference


For the past 27 years, Rob McConnell has been the Host and the Executive Producer of the internationally syndicated radio and satellite pogram, "THE 'X' ZONE RADIO SHOW" and since 2002, "THE 'X' ZONE TV SHOW" which are broadcast from the corporate offices and studios in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Since 1991, Rob has interviewed more than 4,900 guests, remote broadcast of The 'X' Zone Radio Show from alleged paranormal locations in Canada and the United States and has been featured in all aspects of Canadian and International Media for his "No Bull" approach to the paranormal and parapsychological claims and those who keep those claims alive. As a former police officer and criminal investigator, Rob applies his investigative techniques to his interviews and has been credited with defrocking many so-called experts and fraudulently credentialed members of the Paranormal Community.

Rob McConnell was the Consultant to the Producers" as well as on and off camera personality for the hit Canadian paranormal TV seriesm, "Creepy Canada," and was featured on the BBC "Everyman" TV Series. Rob's other TV media credits include CTV, CBC TV, Global TV, CanWest TV, Rogers TV, Cogeco TV, Travel Channel, YTV, Space Channel, Entertainment Tonight, The Mike Bullard Show , Dini Petty Show, Breakfast TV, Camilla, Canada AM,  Michael Coren Live, CH Morning Live, CFTO TV, to name a few.

Print media credits include The St. Catharines Standard, Toronto Sun, Globe and Mail, Fate Magazine, Niagara Pulse, Hamilton Pulse, Hamilton Spectator, Burlington Post, Niagara Falls Review, Hamilton Mountain News, The Independent, The Recorder and Times, Legendary Times, Toronto Star, London Free Press, TV Facts, Welland Tribune, ESP Psychic Expo, The Tribune, Maclean's, Britain's UFO Magazine, Masthead, Barrie Examiner, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Post, Saturday Night Magazine, and many others.

Rob McConnell is the President & CEO of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company in Hamilton, Ontario and is also the Publisher of The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper, also in it 26th year and is respoinsible for REL-MAR's media properties and operations.

Along with running REL-MAR, Rob is a published author, inventor of "The 'X' Game," syndicated columnist, media consultant, and all around "Busy Guy."

Rob and his wife Laura live in Hamilton, Onatario and are the proud parents of 6 children and 10 grand children.

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